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Intuitive Life Coach and Heart Healer

Empowering individuals to reach their true potential, create the life they desire, and achieve new levels of influence and impact.

Monika Sawyer

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Are you ready to give yourself a fresh start?

It’s time to learn the art of creating your life as you want it. One that is effortless, mindful and fulfilled.

Imagine if you could...

... use the power of your will to achieve what you seek

Bridge the Gap Between ‘I want’ and ‘I have’

Break down the self-imposed barriers, fears, and limitations that hold you back and keep you stuck, so you can step into your greater potential and boldly pursue your destiny.

Become Unstoppable in Pursuit of Your Goals

Your personal growth knows no boundaries. Personal development gives you meaning and expands your resilience to thrive under any circumstance.

Live Your Life With Purpose

Understand how your goals align with your deepest values and align to your soul’s purpose. When you do, you live your life with passion because what you do is what lights you up.

Prioritize Knowing and Connecting to Yourself

Enhance self-awareness to live free from external influences and expectations, enabling you to make choices that are best suited for you.

I help reveal what’s inside

Change happens when you discover deeper truth about yourself and what’s important to you. Your life will flourish, one step at a time, as you become free to choose how you want it to be.

Working Together

Let’s explore the path to creating fulfilling life

I specialize in transforming the mindset to empower my clients to unlock new perspectives and tap into greater wisdom from within to create thriving, fulfilling and abundant lifestyle and career.



What can you reach in life that has been out of your reach? Small steps, big results. Developing the mindset, habits and motivation for sustainable change.


Healing & Spiritual Initiation

It's not about where you've been, but where you're still going. Let's do a 90-minute deep-dive to fast-track your soul’s journey.


Business Manifestors

Assessment, strategy, and manifestation: upleveling your business to new heights of expansion and growth.

Coming Soon

The art of creating the life as you want it.

Imagine if waking up each day eager for the possibilities was not just a dream, but a reality waiting to be created. Embrace the empowerment formula, combining healing, vision, and aligned soul actions to pursue your dreams.

More Than a Coaching Program

Integrative and transformative process

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Allow the mind to relax and embrace insights from all dimensions of consciousness to guide your actions.

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Learn how to navigate the complex web of feelings, beliefs and eliminate emotional triggers, setting yourself free.

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Develop an internal muscle to prioritize yourself and accept ‘what is’ with compassion, self-love and kindness.

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Honor your journey and acknowledge the growth you have achieved along the way, making room for what is yet to come into your life.

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Rekindle the fire of the soul, igniting passion and flow state energy to illuminate the path forward.

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Uncover the art of slowing down and immersing yourself in the present moment for a more embodied lifestyle.

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Embrace creativity and your intuition to unlock new possibilities.

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Are you ready to take the first ​step towards a better you?

Client Testimonials

Their stories, their words

five star rating

Coaching with Monika has helped me align with the needs of my inner child. To connect to the most vulnerable parts in me that often bring messages I first wasn´t able to hear as in the true wisdom they bring. Monika´s intuitive way of guiding a session gives me the feeling of being in a protected space where I can trust the process. It has been a true healing journey!

Marianne U.

five star rating

Monika is a truly fabulous healing facilitator. She has an amazing ability to be totally present during the healing, allowing and encouraging the full feeling of emotions, which creates the greatest transmutation of the root cause. She is fearless to go anywhere the thread leads and her capacity to love and be present with the wounded aspects with care and compassion for the parts that need to be loved are beyond exceptional. I feel truly grateful to be held in her healing embrace as she supports me in navigating my return to wholeness

Samantha W.

five star rating

Monika is a true multi-dimensional healer. She will gently walk you through different aspects of energy and spirit to reach true ‘YOU’.

In the process, she will help you see into You, stay connected with your Soul and teach you how to further grow that connection to the level that is comfortable and most beneficial to You and your personal growth. She will help you open many doors to endless possibilities, reach your true potential and enter the abundant, limitless world within and outside yourself. Hope you give yourself a chance to enjoy the journey with Monika.

Katie Z.

Keep in Touch

Let’s get to know each other!

I offer a no-obligation assessment that reveals hidden strengths, providing you with the opportunity to discover areas of positive transformation for yourself and your business.

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Monika Sawyer

Intuitive Coach. Heart Healer. Spiritual Business Advisor.

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