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It’s time to take things to the next level

Let’s face it, tackling things on your own is difficult. You need a partner to keep you on track and help you overcome barriers, ensuring consistent progress toward your goals. To assist you in bridging the gap between wanting and having, maintaining focus, and embracing fresh perspectives that lead to improved outcomes

It’s what sets you apart, enabling you to excel at what you do and fueling the passion of your soul’s for greatness.

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No matter what your journey has taken you,

it's about where you're still going.

Approaching Things Differently

Our body is the gateway to our human intuition and higher levels of consciousness and knowing.

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In the fast paced world dominated by information overload:

Master the art of navigating life with ease and authenticity as you tap into deeper wisdom about yourself and the world around you.

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Be the one who can sit with and reveal wisdom.

Evoke emotions that leave someone touched by your words and presence, leaving a lasting imprint.

Open doors to new possibilities by listening with curiosity and compassion, leading to the discovery of what's truly important to others.

Working Together

Fast-track your progress and push yourself out of your comfort zone with expert guidance and support.



What can you reach in life that has been out of your reach? Small steps, big results: Developing the mindset, habits and motivation for sustainable change.


Healing & Spiritual Initiation

It’s not about the past but the future. Let's do a 90-minute deep-dive to fast-track your soul’s journey.

Shatter the walls of lack and limitation to reclaim your personal power.

Let's elevate to the next level and uncover truths that empower you to course correct your path.


Intuitive Coaching

Change is a gradual process, unfolding one step at a time. Place yourself in the driver's seat of your destiny and became unstoppable in your expansion.

As your intuitive guide, I will empower you to:

  • Gain clarity and soul alignment towards your aspiration
  • Receive a 360-degree perspective and insights to navigate with clarity and confidence
  • Develop greater emotional intelligence
  • Create pathway to sustainable change
  • Create solid foundation to manifest your deepest desires

Areas of Study: Quantum Field Engineering, Vajrayana Buddhism, The Emotion Code, Internal Family System Therapies, Somatic Therapy, Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Certification, Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Why settle when you can reach for the




Just because things have been a certain way doesn't mean they must remain that way. Give yourself another chance! Experience a profound inside-out transformation, lifting the veil of illusion and infusing new life into the places that hold you back.

As a healer and your supportive partner, I am guided by divine love and wisdom to embrace you in a nurturing space that facilitates awareness and emotional shifts for lasting transformation.

  • Dissolve multi-dimensional web of limiting beliefs and stagnation
  • Transmute emotional disconnects and triggers
  • Unlock new perspectives on personal freedom and empowerment
  • Discover your purpose and create a life around it
  • Rekindle spirit connection and divine light within you

Areas of Study: Reiki, Quantum Field Engineering, Vajrayana Buddhism, The Emotion Code, Internal Family System Therapies, Somatic Therapy, Past Life Regression, Ancient Egyptian Temple Science, and Sound Healing etc

Beyond the Material:

Seeking Your Divine Blueprint

Lifelong purist of our greatness and seeing beyond the surface to discover the nature of our reality.

The Greatest Gift is Understanding Who You Are

Spiritual Initiation

Our human nature thrives on love, support, and a sense of belonging. When these essential connections are broken we experience sense of disconnect and separation. By actively seeking to bridge these gaps and heal our wounds, we find freedom and open doors to a spirit-connected, whole and more purposeful human experience. I help my clients gain clarity through this process, reconcile polarized emotions and open their hearts to reconnect, enabling them to feel at peace again.

The wisdom of ancient temples and the felt connection to something greater fascinated and propelled my growth. Who knows, maybe it’s a calling for you too?!

Your journey starts when you begin questioning yourself and relentlessly seeking the deepest answers.

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Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle

Allow your heart to open and lead the way, as it will sense and guide you to what is right for you, opening the door to experiencing our multidimensional nature and Christ consciousness.

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Strive to be the best person you can be. This journey will reunite you with God, faith, and living by the highest values.

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Master yourself at all levels as that will lead you to become fully embodied source Creator.

Client Testimonials

Their stories, their words

five star rating

Coaching with Monika has helped me align with the needs of my inner child. To connect to the most vulnerable parts in me that often bring messages I first wasn´t able to hear as in the true wisdom they bring. Monika´s intuitive way of guiding a session gives me the feeling of being in a protected space where I can trust the process. It has been a true healing journey!

Marianne U.

five star rating

Monika is a truly fabulous healing facilitator. She has an amazing ability to be totally present during the healing, allowing and encouraging the full feeling of emotions, which creates the greatest transmutation of the root cause. She is fearless to go anywhere the thread leads and her capacity to love and be present with the wounded aspects with care and compassion for the parts that need to be loved are beyond exceptional. I feel truly grateful to be held in her healing embrace as she supports me in navigating my return to wholeness

Samantha W.

five star rating

Monika is a true multi-dimensional healer. She will gently walk you through different aspects of energy and spirit to reach true ‘YOU’.

In the process, she will help you see into You, stay connected with your Soul and teach you how to further grow that connection to the level that is comfortable and most beneficial to You and your personal growth. She will help you open many doors to endless possibilities, reach your true potential and enter the abundant, limitless world within and outside yourself. Hope you give yourself a chance to enjoy the journey with Monika.

Katie Z.

How I work

Having a supporting partner along the way helps effectively navigate change.




Coaching & Healing

Check-ins or regular conversations empower you to become more impactful and make positive changes in your life, work, or relationships. Each session can focus on different facets of your plan, allowing you to tackle various aspects effectively while keeping track of your overall progress.

Ongoing Support

Discovery Call

A complimentary 30-min discovery call allows us to discuss your goals and aspirations. This initial conversation helps us determine our fit, assess the scope of work, and plan our next steps.

Consistent guidance and encouragement, along with regular check-ins to ensure continuous progress and accountability on your path to success.

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Hello, I amMonika

Your Trusted Intuitive Coach

I am here for you. Perhaps you are at the cross roads feeling stuck, wrestling with self-doubt and anxiety or aspiring to breakthrough in your career. The fire is within you, but you seek clarity how to reach those aspirations that you deeply desire for yourself and figure out what’s next.

Connecting you to the power within to create a life filled with meaning, connection, and abundance.

I believe in your potential. I have been in your shoes and experienced twists and turns of life. As your intuitive guide, I don’t just coach, I open my heart in joining you to reshape challenges into victories, uncovering your strengths and turning your dreams into thriving reality.

Why Trust Me?


Years of Professional

EXecutive Experience



Personal & Spiritual DEVELOPMENT



OF my Customers

Want to see if we’re THE right fit?

Keep in Touch

Let’s get to know each other!

I offer a no-obligation assessment that reveals hidden strengths, providing you with the opportunity to discover areas of positive transformation for yourself and your business.

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